Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Demanding women

Interesting poem i found while Googling "demanding women".. ekk.

Dealing with demanding women
Such a struggle sometimes for men
Ironically, we who seem to be stronger
Are more easily manipulated longer
Somehow by the weaker of the sexes
It's like they charm and put on hexes
Subtly seduce and devilishly vex us
Play the pity party and gently move us
To cleverly do whatever they want us to
Yet such a game I cannot truly continue
Neither allow myself to succumb to such
For God above has a purpose for me much
Liberated and let go of these types of women
I therefore must allow the winner in me to grin
Get by, move beyond, and be gone with these
Who seek to bring me down or perform tirades
Because my emotional peace within is priceless
No time for women to irritate and argue with
Such trivial quarrels and anger is meaningless
I cannot entertain, nor foolishly deal with this
Because there is a purpose and power for me
As I attend to my Creator's calling wholeheartedly
Therefore I can no longer allow myself to be
Dwarfed, diminished, demoralized, and deadened
By smooth speaking women who seek to control
Dominate, aggravate, irritate, and frustrate me
Such annoyances I cannot allow to be around me
Nor shall I allow the slightest tendency to persist
With my whole heart and devotion I do resist
Emotional outbursts and foul tongued comments
I most go forward with boldness, no hesitance
Because I have learned the power of self-reliance
Thus arrogance and demanding women's defiance
I cannot entertain with any degree of tolerance.

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